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Star Wars: The Force Awakens at SDCC 2015 with Exclusives

Written by Taylor Arnold

Star Wars is making their way to the biggest convention in the World. San Diego Comic Con is going to be hopping this year with all kinds of surprises and cool exclusives. This is just a preview of what is to come with more goodies always are their way and being announced through the internet and other blogs. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to be a big hit. Earlier this year at Anaheim Star Wars Celebration thousands were able to see what was coming to the Star Wars Franchise, and what news for our future in this galaxy. here are some products that I know I am excited for and ecstatic to have a chance to nab at SDCC this year.

The first is the Hot Wheels "First Order Stormtrooper" vehicle. Unfortunately this sweet styled race car won't be available to purchase at Comic Con, but if you are there you will most definitely be able to see it in person, which I am super excited to see. I haven't been the hugest fan of the Hot Wheels line for the Star Wars vehicles, only because the Price seems a little out of this galaxy, maybe even a galaxy far far away. But I think I will have to pick this one up just because of how cool it looks. I think it will go well next to my Hot Wheels Luke Skywalker (flight suit) vehicle. I love the card that is on the back, it has potential to get soft edges or curling so you are going to want to pick this up as fast as you can before the children and other collectors handle it off of the shelf and debate on whether they should buy it or not, that is if you want it in the best condition possible. No worries though we will have it here at and we are only online based so these will never sit on any shelf for a child to mess around with.

Next: We have the Lego First Order Stormtrooper, that's right! This is from Lego. This looks like Lego has upped their game on their design to bring us a really stylized figure that will stand 9 inches tall! One of the coolest aspects of this of this figure is the pose-ability it will have! It almost seems that it will be limitless with thousands of poses possible. I would have killed to have a toy like this as a child, I would have played the heck out of it and then some! I will be spending a lot of time at Comic Con this year at the Lego Booth which is 2829 right next to Mattel. You will get an up close and personal look of this bad boy. This will not be able to be purchased at the con, but rest assured you will have a hard time getting exclusive at this booth just because all the Lego exclusives area always hot items. So you can just spend time on the outlining edge of the booth and check out all the new items coming out in the future, as well if you don't mind fighting the crowd of little children that have been dropped off by their parents, you can build all kinds of Lego structures in the area with thousands of Lego pieces.

This is probably what I am most excited about! Hasbro has done it again and is making all us adults drool over a piece of plastic that could only be in our dreams right? Think again! This is the First Order Star Wars 6 inch Black Series Stormtrooper SDCC 2015 Exclusive! Images of this bad boy or bad girl have flooded the internet of it in and out of the box! I love the 6 inch Black Series that Hasbro has created, it has been rumored that Hasbro is going to switch over to only 6 inch figures in the near future. I don't know if this is true, and I am not sure if I think they should just because the 3 3/4 inch figure is a classic figure that all ages can relate to. But I truly think it is a bonus to have a figure that is a little bigger with more joints and for sure more detail! Detail is always critical and every collector will pay most attention to the detail in the figure. This figure is available at Comic Con this year and will only cost you $24.95 which I believe is a very fair price for this figure since the other Star Wars Black Series 6 inch figures cost $20.00 in all major retail stores and have a SRP (suggested retail price) of $25.00. So we know that Hasbro isn't trying to empty our pockets too bad. The Hasbro booth is located at booth # 3329. Don't be confused though when you are on the convention floor, there are two booths one that is the Hasbro booth and the Hasbro Toy Shop booth. you can only purchase their exclusives at the Hasbro Toy Shop booth which is number 3329, the other booth is only used for displaying new and upcoming products by Hasbro. Now getting into the Hasbro Toy Shop booth is almost impossible to get into unless you are at the convention center as it opens. You will need a ticket to even get in line, and this doesn't even guarantee that you will get any exclusives. This line will constantly be shut down and cut off throughout the day due to the fire marshal telling Hasbro that they have too many people in the line and that they are clogging up the aisle ways for others to walk by. Once you are in line you will have to wait probably a couple hours to have the chance to buy the exclusive you want, that is if that certain exclusive hasn't sold out for the day. Hasbro is always trying to make their experience better every year. Hasbro will hand you a flyer or sheet that will have a list of all the products they are offering at the con, take a pen when you are in this line because you will need to fill it out with the amount of exclusives you want of each product. This is how you order the exclusive. Now I have never really been a fanatic that wakes up at the break of dawn to get to the convention center, just so I could get in the Hasbro booth, but this year I feel like I will need to do just that just so I can get this Super Sweet Stormtrooper! If you are not going to the Con and really want this figure, you shouldn't feel too bad! Hasbro cares about you! Hasbro has said that everything that is available at the con will be available in stores in the coming year, now don't get too excited just yet. There is a catch to this gesture to us the collectors. Yes they will offer the figure to you, but it will be slightly different. Lets go back two years when Hasbro announces the  Star Wars 6 inch Black Series. There exclusive that year was the Boba Fett 6 inch figure.

Well this is the bad boy that was offered at Comic Con 2 years ago! Pretty sweet right? Well this isn't what you got in the retail shop. This had a couple things that were extra for those lucky enough to snag them. You got Han Solo frozen in Carbonite and don't forget the super awesome box. Well so this is what we got in the stores:

Which I am just glad that Hasbro still released the same figure. So no worries we will still be able to get the First Order Stormtrooper, most likely just in a different box which will most likely look like this:

So don't be bummed if you won't be at San Diego Comic Con 2015 because you will still be able to get the droid you are looking for... wait I mean the Strormtrooper.