$10 NRD Star Wars The Vintage Collection Wave 6

$10 NRD Star Wars The Vintage Collection Wave 6

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Star Wars The Vintage Collection Action Figures Wave 6 Case

  • Star Wars action figures from the classics and beyond!
  • The classic Kenner-style Star Wars packaging you remember!
  • Each Vintage Action Figure comes with awesome accessories.
  • Case includes 8 Star Wars heroes, villains, scoundrels, and robots!
Vintage Star Wars action figures! These 3 3/4-inch scale Star Wars action figures feature classic characters and retro packaging! Longtime fans of Star Wars are going to love this classic Kenner-style packaging, right down to the old-fashioned Kenner logo. And each Vintage Action Figure comes individually packaged with awesome accessories like blasters, lightsabers, and removable helmets. Don't miss this awesome assortment of Star Warsheroes, villains, scoundrels, and robots! Ages 4 and up.

This case includes 8 individually packaged Star Wars action figures:
1x Elite Praetorian Guard
1x Imperial Stormtrooper
1x Captain Phasma
1x Lando Calrissian (Solo)
1x Chewbacca